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Dilemma: Medical Practitioner is Great and Competent, but their Staff are like the cast from "Mean Girls" toward Both You and Your Medical Pratitioner.  Staff Often Forget that withOut the Medical Practioner, there would be NO Need for Staff, (and They may be rude, but they are obsolete, withOut); thereby, eventually catching up to them.  From one of my pages herein (and i will add more asap):

​(02): Rude doctors office staff   Please refer any questions to our Contact Form.

tri-state COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE (Arizona Clinic) REVIEWs ...

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​​​​tri-state  COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE (Arizona Clinic), 8700 S Hwy 95, Mohave Valley, AZ 86440 Tel: (928) 768-7113 Fax: (928) 768-9334; expose and REVIEWs LINK.