Wandalar (Vandalar, Vandalario, Valandarus, Valandarius)  son of Paternal  Winithar (Vinithar, Vinitar, Vinitario)  begat 49th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

  Achiulf (Achiulfo, Aquiulfo) son of Paternal 
Athal (Atal, Attal ) begat 53rd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  ⚜​


 ⚜ Walaravens (Valaravens, Valaravao) son of Paternal Vultwulf (Vultulfo, Vuldulfo, Vultufus, Vuldufus) begat 51st  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  ⚜​

⚜  Lady Evangeline Navarro  Daughter

 to Paternal: (Jose) Gabriel Navarro

 & Maternal: Dame M. Gutiérrez begat

 GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

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 ⚜ Amal  (Amala, Amali)son of Paternal Augis  begat 58th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine ⚜ 

 Ostrogotha son of Paternal Hisarna  (Hisarnis, Isama) begat 56th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

 Catalina Hurtado de Mendoza y Torres

de Valdivia daughter to Paternal: Esteban Gomez Hurtado de Mendoza & Maternal: Maria Torres de Valdivia begat 9th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

  ⚜ Hisarna  (Hisarnis, Isama) son of Paternal Amal  (Amala, Amali) begat 57th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

 Esteban Gomez Hurtado de Mendoza son of 

Paternal: Manuel Gomez Portugal y Garcia Arrona & Maternal: Catalina Olivares y

Hurtado de Mendoza begat 10th Great

GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine


​⚜  Queen Theodogotho (Thiudigoto, Teodegonda, Teodegoda, Teodegoto, Theodegotha or Téodegonde Amalasunta of Amali) daughter of Paternal: King Theoderic I, the Great, King of Italy (Theodoric the Great or Theodorico or Dietric Von Bern or Dietrich von Bern) & Maternal: N.N. (No Name), {Theodoric The Great, had 2 children withconcubine when he was in Moesia, first Theodogotho (born outside of Italy), then her sister Ostrogotho & other half-brothers and sisters. La Mesia or Moesia (Greek Koine and medieval Greek: Μοισία; in Latin Moesia) is an ancient region geographic and historic south of the lower reaches of the Danube, in present Serbia, Bulgaria (north), Macedonia (north), and Romania (Dobruja),  begat 46th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 


 Francisco Navarro Ascencio son of

Paternal:​ Jose Vicente Navarro & Maternal:

Maria de Jesus Ascencio begat 3rd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia DeLorraine  ⚜​

 Gabriel Navarro Navarro son of Paternal: Francisco Navarro Ascencio & Maternal:

Cecilia Navarro Vasquez begat 2nd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

 Maria Hernandez y Hurtado de Mendoza 

daughter to Paternal: Toribio Hernandez de Arellano & Maternal: Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza Sanchez begat 12th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine


 Augis son of Paternal Hulmul (Helmul, Humul) begat 59th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  ⚜ 

 Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza Sanchez 

 daughter to Paternal: Diego Hurtado de Mendoza y Pacheco y Sanchez & Maternal:

Sanchez begat 13thGreat GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

​​​⚜️ Lady Sonia Lorraine ⚜ Lady ​Sonia De Lorraine ⚜ Sonia De Lorraine Esquire ⚜ Pedigree 🐝 Maternal 🛡 - 01:

 Heremod (Hermod, Heremond, Heremoed, Heremund) son of Paternal Itermon (Hermon, Itorrman, Itorman, Itormann) of Troy, begat 66th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

 ⚜  Lady Lillian (Dame; Grand Dame Lilly Lillith; Lady Lys; Lady Lis) 

Daughter to  Paternal:  Sir I. de la Ramée

 & Maternal:  Lady Eva Navarro  begat Daughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

 Catalina Olivares y Hurtado de Mendoza 

daughter to Paternal: Rodrigo Olivares & 

Maternal: Maria Hernandez y Hurtado de Mendoza begat 11th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

 Baltazar Navarro Gaytan son of Paternal: Juan Navarro Gaytan Hurtado de Mendoza & Maternal: Nicolasa Romero begat 7th Great

GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

 Ygnacio Navarro  son of Paternal: 

Jose Vicente Navarro & Maternal: Maria Francisca Navarro begat 5th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine ⚜ 

 ⚜  (Jose) Gabriel Navarro son of Paternal: Gabriel Navarro Navarro Maternal:

Virginia Cuevas begat 1st  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

  Winithar (Vinithar, Vinitar, Vinitario) son of Paternal  Walaravens (Valaravens, Valaravao)  begat 50th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

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 Jose Vicente Navarro son of Paternal:

Ygnacio Navarro & Maternal: Maria

Dolores Asencio begat 4th Great  GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

 Hunuil (Hunil,Hunuino)son of Paternal 
Ostrogotha begat 55th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

 Taetwa (Taewa, Tecti, Tatwa) of Troy, son of Paternal Bedwig (Beowulf, Beaw, Bjaf, Beowa, Bedvig, Bedweg) begat 62nd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  


 Sonia De Lorraine (Lady Sonia Lorraine or Lady Sonia De Lorraine)  Daughter to Paternal: (Private-Tovar Knights) & Maternal: Lady Lillian (Lady  LilyLady Lys; Lady LisFleur-de-Lys; Fleur-de-Lis; Grand Dame) 

 Jose Vicente Navarro son of Paternal: 

Baltazar Navarro Gaytan & Maternal: Josepha Tello de Orozco begat 6th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine

 Leonor Fernandez de Lara, Lady of Mendivil daughter to Paternal: Fernando Furtado Perez de Lara,

Lord of Escarrona (True-Biological Father was King Alfonso I, hence the surname Furtado, And his Historical Father is Relation Pedro Gonzalez Conde de Lara) & Maternal: 

Guiomar Alonso (Guyomar) begat 24th Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine   

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  Vultwulf (Vultulfo, Vuldulfo, Vultufus, Vuldufus) son of Paternal 

Achiulf (Achiulfo, Aquiulfo) begat 52nd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  ⚜​


⚜ Athal (Atal, Attal ) son of Paternal 
Hunuil (Hunil,Hunuino) begat 54th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

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