Einridi son of Paternal Loridi (Hloritha) King of Troy, begat 76th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

Vingener (Vingenor) son of Paternal Vingethor begat 74th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

⚜ Memnon King of Ethiopia / Aethiopia, son of Paternal Tithonus and son of Maternal Eos (Dawn) (Aurora) begat 79th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

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​⚜Loridi (Hloritha) King of Troy, son of Paternal Tror (Thor) of Troy and King of Thrace, and son of Maternal Sibil (Sybil, Sif) begat 77th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  


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Moda son of Paternal Vingener (Vingenor) begat 73rd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

Laomedon (Laeomedon) King of Troy son of Paternal Ilus King of Troy and son of Maternal Eurydice of Troy, begat 81st  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

Sceaf (Seskef) 1st King of Denmark, son of Paternal Magi begat 71st  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

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⚜ Tithonus son of Paternal Laomedon (Laeomedon) King of Troy and son of Maternal Strymo "Placia" (Placia "Strymo" of Troy) begat 80th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine 

Hwala (Hvala, Gwala, Ecgwela)son of Paternal Bedwig (Bedvig, Bedweg)  begat 69th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

Vingethor son of Paternal Einridi begat 75th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

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Magi son of Paternal Moda begat 72nd  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

Bedwig (Bedvig, Bedweg) son of Paternal Sceaf (Seskef) 1st King of Denmark, begat 70th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

 Itermon (Hermon, Itorrman, Itorman, Itormann) of Troy, son of Paternal Hathra (Hadra, Athra) begat 67th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

Hathra (Hadra, Athra) son of Paternal Hwala (Hvala, Gwala, Ecgwela) begat 68th  Great GrandDaughter: Lady Sonia De Lorraine  

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