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​LOPEZ (also LOPES, LOPES-DUBEC, LOPEZ ROSA, LOPEZ SUASSO) -   Spanish name for "wolf."  JE (Jewish Encyclopedia), and UJ (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia) have biographies beginning in 16th century England.  Lopes-Dubec was a Sephardic family active in France, 18th and 19th century.  Lopez Rosa was a 17th century Portuguese family.  JE article on "Coat of Arms" has the Lopez and Lopez-Suasso family crests.  Related to FRANCO, COSTA, MOISE, RIVERA, GOMEZ, SEIXAS, HENDRICKS, de SOLA, NUNEZ, MENDEZ, MONTAIGNE, AMES, FARRAR and CASTROSee These Relations

(above research excerpt creduted to Dan Rottenberg).

LOPEZ (aka LOPES) - (Spanish)  Root Word: Lupus (Latin)  Son of the wolf.  Shield: Gold background, two black wolves, one above the other.

(above research excerpt credited to La Reina Rule and William K Hammond).

In my studies (LsL aka SdL), i have found that both -ez and -es signify the meaning "son of"; much in the same way as the following do as well: ben, bar, ibn, b, ap, ab, mab, Mac, Manx, Mag, M, Mc, C-, K-, Q-, G-, H-, O', O-, -mir, -ric, von, -ov, -ev, -ova, -eva, -ovich, -evich, -ovic, -ich, -ici, -vich, -vic, -vics, -off, de, fitz-, fils-, -sen, -son, -ing, -ski, -cki, -dzki, ina or "iña", ka-, -i, -ian,

-oglu, -oglou, -ogly, -zade, -zadeh, bet, bit, -pur, -zadah, -zad, -zadeh, -s, -se, -sz, -x, à, di, fu, quondam, N.N., -n, -poika, dze, shvili, papá, papás, -fi, -fy, -ffy, fia, -escu, -eanu, -ovych, -yovych, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  The aforementioned are used mainly as patronymic representing the masculine paternal lineage, ie "son of" Whereas "daughter of" may still denote her paternal lineal side, with different signification means of such.  Please, continue to research these meanings and their usage, as it will help in much of your research regarding your own personal ancestors; proving quite useful. 

(above research excerpt credited to Lady Sonia De Lorraine LsL aka SdL).